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The loss of a loved one can undoubtedly be a devastating experience. We are here to help you cope with a loved one’s death at a time when you may find it difficult to deal with matters yourself. We can assist you with obtaining the grant of probate, administering the estate and advise you regarding any related tax matters. We take a very sympathetic approach and make the process as simple and uncomplicated as possible for you.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

An LPA is a legal document allowing a person (or persons) chosen by you to act for you on your behalf when you do not have the physical or mental capacity to do so yourself. The number of people developing dementia is increasing and therefore it is important to have LPAs in place. Leaflet - LPA Fact Sheet Having no LPA(s) in place would mean your family will have to apply to the Court of Protection to be able to manage your affairs which could be a very lengthy, complex and expensive procedure. Please click on the icon for more information.


You are never too old (or young) to make a Will. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. By making a Will, you will have full control of how your assets will be distributed after your death. Leaving no Will (dying ‘Intestate’) will leave the Intestacy Laws to dictate how your estate will be distributed which may not be in accordance with your wishes. Intestacy may also leave your family to deal with legal complications that may arise together with increased costs and delays. Research shows 53% of our adult population have not made a Will. Almost 70% of cohabiting couples have no Will. Leaflet - Distribution of Assets in IntestacyThis means that on death, the surviving partner would have no automatic right to inherit. Please click on the icon to read our leaflet to see how your estate will be distributed if you die without making a Will.

Making a Will is a straightforward procedure. We will help you to get your thoughts and wishes organised and talk you through the process. You may either see us at our office or we can see you in the comfort of your own home if you are unable to come to us.Will Making Questionnaire Please click on the icon to complete the Will questionnaire if you want us to help you put a Will in place.

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John Howard: Willmakers - West Anglia

We have acquired a number of original Wills made by the above practitioner and are holding the same in our safe storage. We are endeavouring to contact all the individuals direct by writing to them, however it is not always possible to trace everyone. Should you wish to make an enquiry, please contact our Private Client Department.